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Anna Couzens

Areas: Allhallows, Cliffe, Hoo, Isle of Grain, Stoke

About the PA

Hours available: 12 per week Has transport: Yes
Age: 25-44 Gender: Male


Morning Afternoon Evening Overnight
Monday yes yes
Tuesday yes yes yes
Wednesday yes yes yes
Thursday yes
Friday yes yes yes
Saturday yes
Sunday yes

Additional information about working hours


I have all my qualifications and training as a Support Worker including care certificates, record keeping, health and safety, Working with vulnerable Adults, Dementia and Epilepsy training and many more.


I have experience in working with adults living with mental health and physical disabilities and also the elderly.  I absolutely love my job. I care so much for people and enjoying being a support or care worker. I have been working as a PA but only a couple of hours a week, so I would like to try and work a little bit more doing this.

I have experience in helping people who have physical disabilities or who are bed bound. I have also cared for people with epilepsy, dementia, and completed training for this. There is always someone around the corner who is looking for a little bit of company or help around the house and I feel that I am a great person for that. I am so intrigued when people are talking to me, and I feel that listening to people is very important.

I have worked with a lot of adults that suffer with their mental health such as Autism, ADHD, minor or major learning difficulties. I have worked in the community with the elderly and cared for people that are disabled/bed bound. I have also used bed hoists to transfer from bed to chair and visa versa.


I feel that being a PA/ carer is something that comes naturally to me. For some people, they find caring can be quite intimidating, but I do not feel that way. Everyone is different in their own way and when I am working, I always put the clients first. I ask them what they would like to do, where they would like to go and how can I help them. I am a good listener/ companion and feel that I can give the right advice when needed. I respect people’s boundaries and understand to take my time with people.

I can drive but I prefer to stay local to where I live. I love this type of job and feel that I would be great in continuing as a PA.

Areas: Allhallows, Cliffe, Hoo, Isle of Grain, Stoke
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