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Blessing Ntambwe-Mpeko

Areas: Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham, Rochester, Strood

About the PA

Hours available: 12 per day Has transport: Yes
Age: 25-44 Gender: Female


Morning Afternoon Evening Overnight
Thursday yes
Friday yes
Saturday yes yes yes
Sunday yes yes yes

Additional information about working hours

Available weekends day or night. On week days, availability varies due to University time table.


I am a graduate with first class honours in Health Care Management, with extensive experience in the health care sector, including hospital, residential care home, hospice and end of life care. My job as a support worker is to care for service users, both adults and children, including service users with autism, peg feed and complex care needs. My role involves working day and night rotas. Shift begin with a handover meeting, led by staff or family members. We ensure that all important information is communicated such as medical report or change, medication, behaviours, appointments and if the service user needs escorting.

I maintain confidentiality at all times, update all assessments and training needed, follow policies and procedures at all times.

It is my duty to ensure no harm is done to the service user or myself. I am accountable for any negligence which may occur and reporting any concerns. I put the best interests of the service users health, safety and well being as a priority at all times when on duty. I report any concerns and maintain high standards of conduct at all times. I follow the code of practice. I have a degree, NVQ 3, 5 in health care.

Areas: Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham, Rochester, Strood
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