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Christina Jenner

Areas: Gillingham, Rainham, Strood

About the PA

Hours available: 16-20 per week Has transport: Yes
Age: 25-44 Gender: Female


Morning Afternoon Evening Overnight
Monday yes yes
Tuesday yes yes
Wednesday yes yes
Thursday yes yes
Friday yes yes

Additional information about working hours

16-20 hours per week.


I am currently looking for additional work to the Receptionist job that I currently have during the evenings at a local hotel. This job has given me excellent customer service skills, means that I am organised and can communicate with many different types of people.

I live in Strood but can work in Rainham and Gillingham.

I have no formal qualifications in care but I am eager to get new skills and am a quick learner. I understand that I can access training through the council that I would be keen to take up should I be able to secure employment with a Direct Payment client so that the skills I get can be tailored to the person I am working for.

My sister is employed by Direct Payment clients and it may be possible for us to cover each other’s clients during holiday periods etc. if need be.

Areas: Gillingham, Rainham, Strood