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Sara Harwood

Areas: Allhallows, Cliffe, Cliffe Woods, Hoo, Rochester, Stoke, Strood

About the PA

Hours available: per week Has transport: Yes
Age: 45-64 Gender: Female


Morning Afternoon Evening Overnight
Monday yes
Tuesday yes
Wednesday yes
Thursday yes
Friday yes

Additional information about working hours

In the first instance i am available from 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday, as my circumstances at home change this will be increased.


I am a mother and grandmother and have spent the last 22 years running a house and working full time for HMRC. Since being made redundant in December 2020 I spent time caring for an elderly neighbour who was unwell, until she passed away in March. I live in a location which predominately has elderly/ vulnerable residents and through the pandemic I have tried to offer help/support to anyone that sometimes just wants someone to have a chat with or just knock the door to make sure they are ok. I am at a stage in my life where I want a job that makes me feel like I have a personal achievement and I am helping others.

I am happy to cook, clean, listen to, take to appointments etc but I do not want to cover the personal care side. I am confident my life experiences so far will enable me to undertake this role but am also looking at relevant courses to compliment this.

Areas: Allhallows, Cliffe, Cliffe Woods, Hoo, Rochester, Stoke, Strood