Assessor’s Course to Assess Staff Competence to Administer Medication

Location: Rochester Community Hub


Course Aim

The aim of this practical workshop is to teach individuals how to assess the competence of staff who administer medication.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at staff working in health and social care who as part of their role are required to assess the competence of other staff who handle and administer medication.

It is recommend that Staff who attend this course have aleady:
• attended and passed the ‘Safe Handling and Administration of Medication’ course
• completed the distance learning book ‘Support the Use of Medication in Social Care Settings’

Course Content

There is a developed competency assessment checklist which maps to QCF Units HSC 3047 and ASM 34. Each Learner is assigned into one of three roles: a client, a person administering medication, and an assessor. The assessor practices using this checklist to assess the competence of the person administering medication to the client. Each assessor then feeds back to the class with guidance from the trainer. Learners then rotate around these different roles.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course learners will be able to:

  • State what competence checks the regulator (and best practice publications) require staff to have had before administering medication
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how our competence assessment checklist works (that maps to QCF HSC 3047 and ASM 34
  • Adapt and tailor this competence assessment checklist for your own organization
  • Use this checklist to assess a colleague’s competence at doing the following:
  • Administering tablets and capsules
  • Administering oral liquids
  • Administering creams and ointments
  • Administering Inhalers
  • Administering eye drops
  • Recording medicines taken and refused
  • Have your own competence assessed against the checklist with the above dosage forms

Competency selecting medication and recording it:

Each learner will be assessed by simulated medicines round on the day with 3 clients taking 5 medicines each. Some of these medicines will contain errors. This is also used as a pass/fail assessment (in additional to direct observation of you administering the dosage forms above).

There is additional time set aside for discussions and answering questions from attendees on this course.


Learners will be assessed via asessment of their administeration of the dosage forms described above using the assessment checklist. Learners will carry out a simulated medicines round individually to assess their competence to select the right medication and record it correctly


1 Day (7 Hours)

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