Safe Handling and Administration of Medication

Location: Rochester Community Hub


Course Aim

To teach the practical skills needed to correctly select, administer and record medication from original packs and monitored dosage systems (MDS blister packs)

Target Audience

This course is aimed at staff working in a variety of care settings including: care homes, day care, and community settings. It is aimed at staff with all levels of experience from those new to administering medication through to experienced nurses. It may also be useful for staff who require a refresher course.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to administer and record medicines taken from original packs and single MDS packs
  • How to record medicines taken on time
  • How to record flexible doses
  • How to check once opened dates and expiry dates
  • How to check cautionary and advisory labels
  • How to select and administer medicines in a systematic way
  • How to give and record medicines from mixed MDS (‘blister packs’)
  • How to measure out oral liquids accurately (spoons vs. measuring cups vs. syringes)
  • How to administering using oral syringes
  • How to apply creams, ointments and barrier creams
  • How to administer inhalers with spacers
  • How to apply eye drops

There is also additional time for discussions and answering questions from learners on this course.

Course Mapping:

The Course is Mapped to the QCF Unit HSC 3047 ‘Support the use of medication in social care settings’ and ASM 34: Administer medication to individuals and monitor the effects.

The Workbook

The candidates attending this course will receive a Workbook which is a copy of the distance-learning ‘Support the Use of Medication in Social Care Settings’ workbook. This will enable the Candidates to ‘blended’ course using distance learning and assessed practical face-to-face workshop with and assessment they will do online. These Workbooks are accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.


Workshop: Candidates competence to administer and record medication will be assessed through using simulated medicines rounds. Each candidate must reach a certain standard to gain a certificate. Feedback will be provided to managers detailing how staff performed on the workshop and what support might be required for those who do not pass the assessment.

Workbook assessment: there is an online assessment that accompanies the workbook “Support the Use of Medication in Social Care Settings” (Unit 3047). This can be sat on-line or with a paper assessment.


1 Day (7 hours)

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